Flow Hive Hybrid Features
  • Sustainably sourced woodware

    Created from highly durable, sustainably-sourced, A-grade, Australian Araucaria, the Flow Hive Hybrid is laser-cut and built with precision in Australia.

  • Baseboard with inbuilt slope)

    The Classic Style Baseboard is designed with an inbuilt slope to achieve the optimal set-up for easy honey harvesting. Includes inbuilt pest management system to help monitor the health of your hive.

  • Ventilation control

    The Classic Style Baseboard includes a mesh ventilation control system, which allows you to support your bees as the seasons change, increasing or decreasing air flow depending on external weather conditions.

  • Brood Box with foundationless frames

    The brood box features handles on all 4 sides allowing for easy maneuvering. Including 8 foundationless brood frames for the bees to naturally build their brood comb. The brood frames are also built to accommodate wax and wire or plastic foundation if you wish.

  • Natural timber fixtures

    The Flow Hive Hybrid features durable timber latches and knobs which are easy to use and are designed with a natural aesthetic.

  • Flow Super Hybrid

    The Flow Super Hybrid (honey box) is specially designed to accommodate both our patented Flow Frames and 4 conventional honey frames to allow you to harvest both fresh honeycomb and Flow harvested honey. The super also features an observation window, giving you insight into the fascinating world of your bees.

  • Inner cover

    Our inner cover is designed with a central hole should you need to feed your bees in lean times. Leave this hole open to your roof cavity if you would like to allow them to build honeycomb in the roof, or cover it with mesh to prevent bee access to the roof.

  • Distinctive gabled roof

    The Flow Hive gabled roof provides great protection from the elements while offering a cute aesthetic. Paint with 2 thick coats of good quality outdoor paint for durability and weather protection.